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How to Fix a Broken Hoverboard

Hoverboard Repair Blue

Click on the problem that best describes your broken hoverboard.

Fix a Flat Tire On 10in Wheel Unbalanced Ride or Needs Reset Does Not Turn On At All
Water Damaged Hoverboard Broken Frame Broken Plastic Housing Shell

Red Flashing Lights

Change the Charger Port

Change Balance Sensor
Will Not Turn OFF At All Change the Battery Change the Power Button
Fix Bluetooth and Remote Control Change the Wheels/Motors Shaking Hoverboard



It’s a law of nature that things break down over time. Everyone knows this. Still, there’s nothing worse than when you go out to your car and find that it won’t start. Same with your hoverboard. When it breaks, you need hoverboard parts.

Unlike a car, however, your self balancing scooter is a far easier machine to diagnose and repair yourself. All it takes is the right hover board parts and some basic tools. If the guides on this page were not helpful to fix a broken hoverboard and repairing a hoverboard won't work out no matter what you do, feel free to contact us.

Hoverboard Parts

Hoverboard Parts - Circuit Boards

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