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Guide: How to Replace Damaged Hoverboard Wheel

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 30-45 minutes

Steps: 7

Words: 1135


A broken or damaged wheel on your hoverboard can make it difficult or even impossible to ride. If your hoverboard is suffering from this issue, it's essential to replace the damaged wheel with a new one to ensure the safe operation of your device. This repair guide will walk you through the process of replacing a broken or damaged hoverboard wheel. The guide is designed for most two-wheel self-balancing scooters made in China. Please note that attempting repairs on your own comes with risks, so proceed only if you feel comfortable with the process.


  • Flathead screwdriver
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  • Phillips screwdriver
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  • Adjustable wrench
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  • Replacement hoverboard wheel
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Top Cause:

A broken or damaged hoverboard wheel is most commonly caused by normal wear and tear, manufacturing defects, or impact from accidents and rough riding.

Top Solution:

The most effective solution for a broken or damaged hoverboard wheel is to replace the wheel with a new one.


Replacing a broken or damaged hoverboard wheel is essential for maintaining the safe operation of your device. This repair guide will help you replace the wheel on your hoverboard, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: 

Power off and unplug the hoverboard

  • Ensure that the hoverboard is turned off and disconnected from the charger. Image 1

Step 2: Remove the wheel cover

  • Use the flathead screwdriver to pry off the wheel cover gently. Image 2

Step 3: Remove the screws securing the wheel

  • Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that secure the wheel to the hoverboard frame. Image 3

Step 4: Detach the wheel from the hoverboard

  • Carefully pull the wheel away from the hoverboard frame, being mindful of any wires connected to the wheel. Image 4

Step 5: Disconnect the wheel motor cables

  • Locate the wheel motor cables and gently disconnect them from the hoverboard's motherboard. Image 5

Step 6: Attach the new wheel

  • Connect the motor cables of the new wheel to the hoverboard's motherboard.
  • Align the new wheel with the hoverboard frame and secure it with the screws you removed earlier, using the Phillips screwdriver. Image 6

Step 7: Replace the wheel cover and test the hoverboard

  • Snap the wheel cover back onto the hoverboard.
  • Turn on the hoverboard and test it to ensure the new wheel is functioning correctly. Image 7


By following the steps outlined in this repair guide, you have successfully replaced a broken or damaged hoverboard wheel. This process ensures the safe operation of your device and allows you to enjoy a smooth riding experience once again. For more helpful tips and hoverboard repair guides, consider joining our mailing list.


  • Image 1: Hoverboard turned off and unplugged from charger
    • Alt-tag: Hoverboard powered off and disconnected from charger
  • Image 2: Removing the wheel cover with a flathead screwdriver
    • Alt-tag: Using a flathead screwdriver to remove wheel cover
  • Image 3: Removing the screws securing the wheel
    • Alt-tag: Unscrewing the wheel with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Image 4: Detaching the wheel from the hoverboard frame
    • Alt-tag: Carefully pulling the wheel away from the hoverboard frame
  • Image 5: Disconnecting the wheel motor cables
    • Alt-tag: Disconnecting wheel motor cables from the motherboard
  • Image 6: Attaching the new wheel
    • Alt-tag: Connecting the new wheel motor cables and securing the wheel
  • Image 7: Replacing the wheel cover and testing the hoverboard
    • Alt-tag: Wheel cover replaced and hoverboard tested for functionality
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