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How to Fix a Flat Tire on 10 Inch Hoverboard

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 1-2 hours

Steps: 6


A flat tire on your 10-inch hoverboard can significantly impact your riding experience and even make it impossible to ride. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of fixing a flat tire on your hoverboard. Before proceeding, ensure you have the necessary skills, tools, and understand the risks involved.



Top Cause

The most common cause for a flat hoverboard tire is a puncture from a sharp object or gradual air loss due to wear and tear.

Top Solution

The most common solution is to repair the puncture using a tire patch kit or replace the damaged inner tube.


To fix a flat 10-inch hoverboard tire, you'll need to inspect the tire for damage, repair any punctures using a tire patch kit, or replace the damaged inner tube as necessary. Regular maintenance and tire pressure checks can help prevent future flat tires and extend the life of your hoverboard.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Power off and disconnect the hoverboard

  • Ensure the hoverboard is turned off and disconnected from the charger before proceeding.
  • Image 1

Step 2: Remove the wheel

  • Unscrew and remove the wheel from the hoverboard using an adjustable wrench and screwdriver.
  • Image 2

Step 3: Inspect the tire

  • Visually inspect the tire for any signs of damage, such as punctures or tears.
  • Image 3

Step 4: Repair or replace the inner tube

  • If the damage is minor, repair the puncture using a tire patch kit by following the kit's instructions.
  • If the damage is severe or the inner tube is worn out, remove the old inner tube and replace it with a new one.
  • Image 4

Step 5: Inflate the tire

  • Inflate the tire to the recommended pressure using a tire pump.
  • Image 5

Step 6: Reattach the wheel and test the hoverboard

  • Reattach the wheel to the hoverboard, ensuring it is securely fastened.
  • Test the hoverboard to ensure the flat tire issue has been resolved.
  • Image 6


  • Image 1: Hoverboard turned off and disconnected from the charger
    • Alt-tag: Hoverboard powered off and unplugged
  • Image 2: Removing the wheel from the hoverboard
    • Alt-tag: Detaching hoverboard wheel with tools
  • Image 3: Inspecting the tire for damage
    • Alt-tag: Visual inspection of hoverboard tire
  • Image 4: Repairing or replacing the inner tube
    • Alt-tag: Applying tire patch or installing new inner tube
  • Image 5: Inflating the tire with a tire pump
    • Alt-tag: Inflating hoverboard tire using a pump
  • Image 6: Reattached wheel and testing the hoverboard
    • Alt-tag: Testing hoverboard after wheel reattachment


Old Content

Difficulty: Moderate
Steps: 14
Sections: 2
Time Required: 10-15 minutes

Tools Required

  • Flathead Screwdriver (buy on Amazon)

Parts Required

Safety Equipment

  • Mechanic's Gloves (buy on Amazon)



If you have a 10 inch wheel hoverboard and the tire is flat, you can buy a new hoverboard tube replacement and replace the flat tube using a couple of flat head screw drivers. If your tire is punctured too, then you'll want to replace that with a 10" x 2.125 hoverboard tire as well.


Section 1: Remove Hoverboard Tire

Step 1

Place your 10 inch hoverboard on its side so the good wheel is on the ground, and the flat tire is facing the ceiling. Put on your mechanic's gloves.

Step 2

Remove the air cap from the air valve stem and completely deflate the tire.

Step 3

Take the first flathead screwdriver and place is on the outer edge of the hoverboard wheel's rim, prying underneath the tire so it lifts the tire over the lip of the rim.

Step 4

Insert the second flathead screwdriver while continuing to pry the tire upward.

Step 5

Drag the second flathead screwdriver across the rim, moving it along and releasing the tire from underneath the rim. 

Step 6

Once the top of the tire is dislodged from the rim, remove the screwdrivers and pull the tire off using your gloves for grip.


Section 2: Install New Hoverboard Tire

Step 7

Prepare the new parts, be it the tube or the tube & tire set.

Step 8

Insert the valve step into the hole in the rim.

Step 9

Wrap the tube inside of the tire.

Step 10

Using your hands, push the tire down onto the rim until it goes over the lip.

Step 11

Still using your hands, press the top lip of the tire down onto the rip so it catches. Keep it pressed down and insert a flathead screwdriver to keep it down.

Step 12

Using the second flathead screwdriver, place it inside the lip and press down on the tire while sliding it across the rim. The tire should begin to insert into the rim an catch.

Step 13

Use the second flathead screwdriver to slide all of the way over the rim until the tire and tube are installed.

Step 14

Center the new tube and tire radially and inflate the tire. Centering is very important so you won't have an off balanced tire that would cause wobbling, which could be dangerous.


Video Tutorial

If you cannot fix it yourself, you can disassemble the flat wheel and ship it to us so we can do this repair for you. You may order the 10" hoverboard tube and tire replacement service directly from us. This service includes parts and labor, and shipping is calculated at checkout. 

Watch this video to to help with disassembling the wheel in preparation for shipment.


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