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UL2272 Certified Charger for Self Balancing Electric Scooter (Genuine)
$ 69.99
UL Certification is the most reliable certification for all electronic devices. Our UL Certified charger has passed rigorous inspections and will safely stop charging your battery once it has detected the battery is fully charged. Your battery will last longer and charge much safer, ensuring that your scooter will last. UL2272...
UL Certified Samsung Cell Replacement Hoverboard Battery
Sold Out
This UL certified hoverboard battery with Samsung cells is certified to the safest design specs by Underwriter's Laboratories. The worry of fires and hoverboards exploding prompted the need for a USA grade safety commission to come in and be part of the design process. These batteries are 100% genuine and built...
Hoverboard Repair Kit with Bluetooth Speaker
Sold Out
Repair Kit for most 6.5in, 8in and 10in scooters. Bluetooth is included in this kit.   Parts included in this kit: 1x Main circuit (logic) board 1x Balance circuit board with bluetooth module 1x Balance circuit board with remote module 1x Remote control 2x Front LED lights 2x Indicator LED lights...
Hoverboard Repair Kit - Universal, works with most hoverboards - GREEN CIRCUITS
$ 89.99 $ 100.00
Universal Repair Kit for 6.5in, 8in, and 10in scooters. This kit is for scooters with one main board and two sensor boards. Works with most scooters. Watch the video below to see how easy repair can be. All our parts are certified and ship from the U.S.   Parts included in...
Balance Circuit Sensor Boards Gyroscopes
$ 37.99 $ 60.00
  Please send us a picture of the internals of your device BEFORE you order this item. Compatibility is not guaranteed. Not all gyros will work with all hoverboards. Send your pictures to . Remove the headache and send us a picture of the inside so we can guarantee...
ADD-ON: Bluetooth Module and Speaker
$ 34.99
Replacement bluetooth module for 6.5", 8", and 10" scooter with bluetooth. Comes with speaker. The mainboard must come with the tiny black and red power cables, otherwise it won't work.  All our parts are certified and ship from the U.S.  INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONNECTING THE BLUETOOTH MODULE: The speaker plugs in to the WHITE...
8.5in 400w Wheel Electric Hoverboard Motor for EPIKGO & Halo Rover
Sold Out
Replacement wheel/motor for 400w, 8.5in all-terrain hoverboards. Buy this if your off-road hoverboard motor isn't working or is spinning out of control. Compatible with Popular Models: EpikGo Halo Rover StreetSaw RockSaw Comes with on wheel in the design that you see in the picture. See the video below for a...
Charger for Self Balancing Electric Scooter (Generic)
$ 34.99
A basic three prong replacement charger that fits all hoverboards. If your hoverboard charger is broken, this is our base replacement. For a safer, more reliable, and better built hoverboard charger, we suggest you buy a UL certified hoverboard charger. A UL charger is heavier duty and will last longer.   All...
Hoverboard Repair Kit - Universal, Replaces TaoTao Sensors - GREEN CIRCUITS
Sold Out
Use this universal repair kit to replace green sensor boards on your hoverboard that have the T logo on them. The T logo on the sensors almost looks like two "L's" back to back. This logo stands for TaoTao, one of the highest quality sensor brands for hoverboard technology. Our...
4.5in Battery Replacement for Kids Self Balancing Scooter
$ 89.99
Replacement battery for 4.5in kids hoverboard. This is a 2-piece hoverboard battery kit for the small self balancing scooters that kids age 2-7 ride. You will need to open your hoverboard to be sure this is the battery replacement that you need. This is NOT the battery for the 6.5in, 8in,...
Hoverboard Battery Replacement for X-Series Self Balancing Scooter
$ 129.99 $ 159.99
This is a replacement battery for the X-Series hoverboard. This battery has a unique shape to it and is specifically made for the X-series. Popular models of the hoverboard are the StreetSaw FutureSaw, Skque X1, and more. Buy this replacement battery if your hoverboard is not holding a charge anymore. A...
Basic Battery Replacement for Most Self Balancing Scooters
$ 99.99
This hoverboard battery replacement will fit most hoverboards, especially those from 2015, 2016, and 2017. This is a basic battery, and contains standard lithium ion cells wrapped in heat shrink film. This battery will last for around 300 charges before it degrades to a level where it may need to...
Hoverboard Repair Kit with Bluetooth - Universal, Replaces UL2272 TaoTao Sensors - GREEN CIRCUITS
$ 109.99 $ 145.00
TaoTao is one of the highest quality hoverboard sensor brands you can buy. The UL2272 hoverboard circuit boards by TaoTao also features Bluetooth and speaker to play your favorite music from. Our TaoTao hoverboard sensor repair kit works for 6.5in, 8in, and 10in self balancing scooters. Watch the video below to see how...
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