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This is collection of the best hoverboard batteries
$ 99.99
This hoverboard battery replacement will fit most hoverboards, especially those from 2015 to 2018. This is a basic battery and contains standard lithium-ion cells wrapped in heat shrink film. This battery will last for around 300 charges before it degrades to a level where it may need to be replaced so...
$ 119.99 $ 129.99
Jetech 25.2v JT-BC204 hoverboard battery replacement. Jetech E490509 Hoverboard battery. Jetech E4828090509 Hover Board battery. 25.2v JETECH: VERIFY SIZE We've had a couple people order our battery, but have it not fit because they have a version that is smaller than the traditional 4AH we sell. Make sure to check before ordering or...
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This black hoverboard battery with Samsung cells is built with safety in mind. The worry of fires and hoverboards exploding prompted the need for a change in the way hoverboard battery packs were made. This is the point in time when black hoverboard batteries with had plastic shells were introduced. These batteries are...
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Replacement battery for 10S1 2.5Ah 36v batteries used in many self balancing scooters. Please view the picture of the battery and compare it to yours to ensure fitment. This battery will replace those that look the same as the image on this page.
$ 7.99
Plastic battery holder. This will fit: 6.5 Inch hoverboards 8 Inch hoverboards 10 inch hoverboards
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