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$ 59.99
A replacement hoverboard charger is the most reliable way to get your hoverboard working again. This new hoverboard charger has gone through rigorous inspections and will safely stop charging your battery once it has detected the battery is fully charged. Your hoverboard battery should last longer and charge much safer, ensuring that your hoverboard will last...
$ 19.99
A basic three-prong replacement hoverboard charger is 36v and fits all 36v hoverboards. If your hoverboard charger is broken, this is our base replacement. For a safer, more reliable, and better-built hoverboard charger, we suggest you buy a high-quality hoverboard charger. The high-quality charger is heavier duty and will last longer.  ...
$ 9.99
Traveling soon? Buy a global travel wire for your hoverboard and keep it charged no matter which country you're in. This is for the wire only and does NOT include the charger block for the hoverboard. The end of each wire corresponds to the specific area that it is designated for....
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