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Hoverboard Parts Finder - Hover Board Replacement Part Search

Hoverboard Parts

Choose the hoverboard parts category that you're looking for to browse around and find the best hoverboard part replacement for you.

Hoverboard Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards

Hoverboard Batteries

Hoverboard Chargers

Hoverboard Chargers

Hoverboard Wiring

Hoverboard Wiring

Search for Hoverboard Parts by Model

Choose the hoverboard model that closest resembles yours and browse from hoverboard parts that are commonly used in that model.

Parts for 6.5" Hoverboards

6.5" Hoverboard Parts

Parts for 8" Hoverboards

8" Hoverboard Parts

Parts for 10" Hoverboards

10" Hoverboard Parts

Parts for 8.5" Off Road Hoverboards

8.5" Off Road Hoverboard Parts

Parts for X1 Hoverboards

X-Series Hoverboard Parts

Parts for 4.5 Kids Hoverboards

4.5" Hoverboard Parts

Parts for DUO Hoverboards

DUO Series Hoverboard Parts

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