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The best way to prevent and cover up scratches is by using a 6.5" silicone cover. This cover installs directly on top of your current hoverboard shell. The silicone material acts similar to that of a cell phone cover. It protects from scratches, as well as covering them up. All products are...
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Use a remote control for hoverboard to control the scooter from a distance. With a remote, you can switch the hoverboard on and off, set an alarm, and change it into a 2nd mode that slows down the turning speed (so the rider can go faster more safely). If you do not...
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Protect your investment with rubber bumpers that go onto the shell above the wheels. These bumpers are easily applied with the included 3M tape.
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This hoverboard kart is specifically made for drifting. This is a fun new way to use a hoverboard attachment that can really enhance the experience of riding a hoverboard on a seat. Shock absorbers are built into this model for extra comfort while you shred. Works great in the dirt, grass,...
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This basic hoverboard kart is a great place to start for those who have just bought a new hoverboard. Quick and easy installation will get your rider on the road in no time! Looking for a better model? We sell a high-quality hoverboard kart with stronger steel that is built to...
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(This page needs new original content) Hoverboard Kart for Sale This is the highest quality hoverkart available on the market! We too extra time to ensure that it will not break apart or cause other problems associated with the first generation hoverboard go karts. Therefore, this product is expected to...
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