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Replace your worn down hoverboard wheels and broken hoverboard motors with new ones. Choose the size and style that fits your board.
$ 19.99
Have a flat hoverboard tire? Replace it with a new 10 inch hoverboard tube! Brand new tube for 10 inch wheel hoverboards. You will get one tube with your purchase. If you also punctured your tire, you'll want to buy a 10" x 2.125 hoverboard tire as well.  All our parts are certified and...
$ 24.99
A hoverboard without working tires will take you nowhere. If your hoverboard tires are either flat or punctured, you will need to replace them. Without good tires, your hoverboard could face issues with stabilization as well as maneuverability. If your hoverboard feels shaky or imbalanced, then you should take a...
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