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Aluminum Metal Frame
Sold Out
These frames are made of aluminum and fit 6.5in, 8in, and 10in scooter sizes. 12 screws included for all the soft plastic sensor triggers. All our parts are certified and ship from the U.S.
Balance Circuit Sensor Boards Gyroscopes
$ 37.99 $ 59.99
  Please send us a picture of the internals of your device BEFORE you order this item. Compatibility is not guaranteed. Not all gyros will work with all hoverboards. Send your pictures to . Remove the headache and send us a picture of the inside so we can guarantee...
Power Switch and Charging Port - 4 wire
$ 14.99 $ 19.99
Replacement power switch and charging port for 6.5in, 8in and 10in scooters. The kit comes with one power switch and one charging port (4 wire style) as well as the washers and rings. Easy to install--just watch the video below.  The charging port is the newest style (4 wires style)....
Sensor Brackets for Sensor Boards *2 count*
$ 20.00
This kit comes with two sensor board brackets for the latest generation of sensor boards. If your scooter came with Dual Board system of boards and you have to change the sensor boards but the brackets don't fit, these are the right brackets for you. Comes with 8 screws and...
Over the Wheel/Bumper Electric Self Balancing LED lights
$ 19.99 $ 29.99
This kit comes with two bright and colorful LED strips that are designed to stick to the bumper just above the wheel on 8in scooters. Some 6.5in and 10in scooters are also compatible with these lights depending on the model (you can check for yourself by comparing the plugs on your...
Replacement Plastic Battery Bracket
$ 7.99
Plastic battery holder.
LED lights replacements Front LED and Indicator LED lights
$ 17.99 $ 29.99
This kit comes with two front LED's and two indicator LED's. These lights are easy to install and work with 6.5in, 8in, and 10in scooters. All our parts are certified and ship from the U.S.
Plastic Pedal Sensor Triggers *4 Counts*
$ 19.99 $ 29.99
If your pedal sensor triggers are too short you can purchase them here and easily replace them. This kit comes with 4 new pedal sensor triggers and 4 new rings (2 for each side, front  and back). For all size scooters (6.5in, 8in, and 10in).   All our parts are certified and...
Parts Replacement Screws
$ 9.99
Lose some screws? Don't worry, we have you covered with these replacement screws for your scooter. Included are: 10x coarse thread screws for the plastic housing 12x fine thread screws for the metal frame
ADD-ON: Bluetooth Module and Speaker
$ 17.99
Replacement bluetooth module for 6.5", 8", and 10" scooter with bluetooth. Comes with speaker. The mainboard must come with the tiny black and red power cables, otherwise it won't work.  All our parts are certified and ship from the U.S.  INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONNECTING THE BLUETOOTH MODULE: The speaker plugs in to the WHITE...
UL Certified Charger for Self Balancing Electric Scooter
$ 26.99 $ 35.99
UL Certification is the most reliable certification for all electronic devices. Our UL Certified charger has passed rigorous inspections and will safely stop charging your battery once it has detected the battery is fully charged. Your battery will last longer and charge much safer, ensuring that your scooter will last.  ...
Charging Port - 2 wire - for 2 PCB or Dual Board systems
$ 10.99
Please open your scooter and make sure this is the plug you need before buying this charging port. This is 2 Wire charging port for dual board system electric scooters. You should buy this plug if you charging port is broken, missing pins, missing wires, or other physical damages. Do not buy this...
8in 350w Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter Parts Motor
$ 60.00
Replacement wheel/motor for 350w, 8in scooters. This kit comes with one wheel/motor. See the video below for a guide on how to replace the wheel/motor of your scooter. All our parts are certified and ship from the U.S. Here is how to change the wheels:
Remote Receiver Module - NEEDS TO BE SOLDERED IN
$ 14.99
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MODULE UNLESS YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH SOLDERING AND OWN THE PROPER TOOLS. This modules gets installed on the side of your sensor board or gyro boards. See the pictures for more instructions. It is recommended that you would need to install this module on the side...
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