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Plastic Pedal Sensor Triggers *4 Counts* - Hoverboard Repair Parts

Plastic Pedal Sensor Triggers *4 Counts*

$ 19.99 $ 30.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

If your pedal sensor triggers are too short you can purchase them here and easily replace them. This kit comes with 4 new pedal sensor triggers and 4 new rings (2 for each side, front  and back). For all size scooters (6.5in, 8in, and 10in).


All our parts are certified and ship from the U.S.



Carefully test them upon installation by putting your scooter on a box or a raised surface so that wheels are not touching the ground.

If they are too sensitive at their original length (the board will shake or roll when you step off) then you need to remove about the height of a penny from the top (where it touches the sensor). It is crucial that the top remains completely flat. If the top is not flat it will not work properly. Scissors or a razor blade are ideal.

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