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SERVICE: Hoverboard Diagnosis

SERVICE: Hoverboard Diagnosis

$ 39.99

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

Professional hoverboard diagnosis is $39.99. The extent of our services is to suggest replacement parts for a single hoverboard  For us to properly diagnosis please provide us with the following:

- A video of the symptoms that the hoverboard is showing, causing it to not work.

- A close up photograph of the mainboard (large circuit board) showing the color, any writing or logos, and the main area of the circuit board. Please clear away the wires so we can have a good view.

- A close up photograph of the side boards (smaller sized circuit boards near the wheels) showing the color, any writing, and the clips / sockets of the board.

- A DETAILED paragraph explaining exactly what the hoverboard is doing that you think is wrong. 

Common problems:

  • Won't balance on one side
  • LED light stuck on
  • Won't charge or won't hold a charge
  • Green light on charger stays on

IMPORTANT: If the hoverboard has a red blinking light in the middle of it please provide the number of times that it blinks before it pauses and resets the blinking pattern.

We may ask you to perform a test on the hoverboard and provide us with feedback on how that test went. The results of that test will help us clarify what is wrong with the hoverboard.

If we are unable to diagnose the problem, meaning that we are unable to give you an answer to what is wrong in our initial email, we will cancel or refund the order.

Please note that once a diagnosis is made there are no refunds. You may purchase the necessary parts from us at your discretion. We are not responsible for damages caused by installation by an unlicensed professional, damages made from improper installation, or replacement of parts purchased based on our advice. Our services are provided as educational purposes only and what you do with the information is your responsibility.

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